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XXX SkitCHA! <--Metallica talk

You know it really sucks when God or whoevers in charge up there (or down there) gives us storms clouds but no rain. Sitting here in boxers wishing the humidity would just...go away. Im in a rut. What's new? I know about computers but I don't have the experience to walk into an interview and go, "hey buddy I'm the man for you!" I need to find some kind gentle business that will take an entry level tech under their wing so basically Im screwed. I'm going to try Best Buy but Ive heard nothing good about that place. Wish I could just focus on the comic and not worry about bills and car payments. Man being a grown up sucks. Friggin random unorganized paragraph rocks my socks off.

Damien: So...what's wrong with you?

Vincent: Nothing man just feels like Im wasting my time in life.

Damien: Why do you say that?

Vincent: I just spent two hours playing a flash game...

Damien: Uhh and?

Vincent: The point of the game was to make an animated chick have an orgasm!!

Damien: Oh...

Vincent: What type of ass wastes two hours of his life making some pixels moan!

(Damien, Quentin, and Kevin whistle and look around)

Vincent: So...

Damien: You have to use the sleeping pills and cucumber after she moans the third time.

(Vincent looks shocked)

Quentin: can choke her after 9 moans...not that...I..did

Damien: This game doesn't mean we're freaks does it?

(Kevin looks down at his "dirty" hand, cries, and runs away like a girl)

That took about 2 minutes and I have no clue why I typed it....
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