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So I'm just sitting here sipping on a Steel Reserve like a true gangsta pondering to myself why I enjoy putting myself through so much and why I'm so damn lazy. Things feel like they are getting worse but they aren't....know what I mean. I see that huge thunderstorm approaching and here I am sitting on my scooter of coolness heading right toward it.

Maybe Sharlene and my mom are right. They say I'm trying too hard to achieve everything and Im burning myself out. The way I look at it my dreams are too big for my lazy ass and time. I think it's good that I want to do so much. Its better then saying hey Ill gamble away my paychecks and start smoking crack. Work is the fucking craphellshitholepisssucker I always knew it really was. I dont even bother working on the floor. I just run my happy ass back to the freezer and watch my nuts hit the floor like a (insert something clever).

I vented about some stuff today and I feel better yet unresolved. I am in a popcorn machine of emotions. What the hell that means is however the hell you want to perceive it.

We have stalled BIG TIME on Laceys pic for the comic but everything else seems to be moving along quite nicely. *One day a bunch of Hot Topic nerds will be worshiping me and thousands of scrawny goth girls will be carving my motherfucking sweet name into their puny arms. Why do you ask? Cause I am the fucking man. All this shit on my back and I still stay afloat so everyone can just fuck off.* Its like your watching someone crumble into a odd drunken state before you in a mere journal entry isnt it?

Love the rant...embrace the the rant
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