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Who makes the rules? Someone else that


Soooooo here I am again on my own...adoo doo dooodooo, sorry power ballad in my intestines.

There is something stylish about DOS(pardon me?)

Baby is doing ok phase one of Project: Hellraiser is going as planned. He is already learning to stick out his tounge and raise his fist in mighty rage. His BBQ went well and all was good.

Shar and me fight off and on but it is the seasoning in our relationship I think.

I am a 1,666% focused on two things right now. What are they? Do you really want to know? Well let me tell ya

A. A+ certification sometime before November
B. Hallow High up and killing before the year ends and by killing I mean crushing all those other pathetic web comics into interweb pudding.

INVADER ZIM ON DVD THIS TUESDAY....someday Hallow High will be on DVD and I'll listen to my own commentary while having sex on a big pile of monies.

Lacey deary I hope everything is going ok and I hope you enjoy seeing yourself as a cartoon in our little comic. Everyone else may BUY a guest spot for a mere $40 that's right folks only $40. I feel like I'm stuck in a bubble and not in the good mime way. I need to pop this thing (unzips pants) so I'll see you all later.
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