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Dr. Wiggles....we have to operate

I tend to update this thing when I'm feeling exceptionally low so this is a warning. If you have a weak heart, are expecting, or don't want to listen to me whine then please....stay for awhile.

I refuse to put on my "happy wally face" for this place anymore. I've been running around doing manager work for a whole 9$ a hour...yeah that's right the gracious Wally deities deemed me worthy of yet another raise. People are pushing my buttons at breakneck speed cause it's how they get their jollies off. Well I'm glad I'm your proverbial jizz rag but its really got to stop. I am going to sabotage this place on my last day...not sure how yet but it will be groovy.
Almost done with the A+course and what's really weird is everything is making sense. I dig computers like nerds dig boobies. I need to get experience to max out my character in this thing we call life. the next thing on my list of things to fill a list with is network+ then server+....I like the +'s
III.Out for Blood
Playing daddy is stressful yet rewarding. I have matured quite a bit {giggle). All goes well with Shayton and Sharlene. We argue a lot but it's over little things and we forgive and forget quickly. Maybe this relationship is wrong and I shouldn't be putting myself through so much, what can I say I'm a drama king. If I didn't see the "circle" again I wouldn't give a care in the world. Haven't seen Chris in awhile and now I know why. He pissed me off within 3 minutes of hanging out. Lacey I love you.

The comic...ahh the comic...what else can I say? Keep your pants on beyotches it's coming soon. Just need to flesh out a couple of stories about how Kevin is going to die then we're good to go. Randomness makes everything fluffy and safe. Puppy hospital for example. Maybe that period is in the wrong spot? Maybe it doesn't care? Maybe you don't either? My mom is doing better, oh I forgot to mention she had breast cancer. I like to leave that subject on this note....she can't fart but she really wants to.

Feelin like Atlas
Want to drop everything
Start over with less worries
Rooster beetles eat babies

random-1 reality-0

P.S. I love Lacey she deserves lots of bling bling
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