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Man I rather be sitting around thinking up stories for the comic and doing homework then freezing my ass off at work. Sharlene and I plan on taking this Wednesday off to go hiking up at Red Rock Canyon cause work blows and we wanta. I have to put a certain cranky baby boys high seat together tonight =| Man this time last year I would be drunk at Kevin and Nates or enjoying a good conversation with them but nooooooooo...I'm going to sit in this apartment and look at shiny things I want. Must stay focused. I can't believe Chris joined the Army finally. I don't know what happened but toward the end I couldn't stand being around him. It was like his "aura" was pulling me down too. It feels that way with some others but I don't talk to them anymore so meeh...whatever. I don't have time to sit on my ass and watch everyone succeed or at the least TRY to get ahead in life.

Rodent Dance + Aliens + HH = Possible story
Wally World + zombies + HH = definite story

Trying to achieve that natural tone in everyday conversations is going to be difficult for reasons unknown. Hells bells!!! I have to get back to the freezer of doom =(
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