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This song kicks arse matey

(Damien standing at the stove in his kitchen)

Damien: God I'm starving when are theses cursed weenies going to be done?

Quentin: Heeeeey heeey heey it's Quentin! (Applause bar drops from ceiling)

Damien: Wha the? how did you do that?

Quentin: Ehhh it's part of my contract.

Damien: I didn't get one. That sucks dude cause Im the main character. Who the hell wrote this? (stares out at yours truly)

Quentin: What's that smell?

Damien: These weenies I bought from the Stop-N-Rob after school

Quentin: Hmmmmm...hmmmmm...hmmmmm. Love Dogs....the Mmmm mmmm oh yeaah deeper oh YES! hot dogs. Man that is a weird slogan. Says here they are made with "LUV"

Damien: Well these slut dogs should have been done by now

Quentin: My mom says when weenies are done cooking they scream. So do cats...

Damien: That's uhh...good to know. So we should be hearing a scream soon ehh?

(Damien and Quentin sit on the living room couch)

(Uber orgasmic scream from kitchen)

Damien Quentin: WEENIES!!! YEAH!!!

(they run back to the kitchen)

Damien: GASP! My weenies...theyve flown the coop

Quentin: (staring at ceiling) DAMN YOU WEENIES!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!! SHE WAS ONLY 7!!!

Damien: That's it I want my money back and some new meat!

Quentin: Hey the factories address is on the wrapper.

Damien: This sounds like....AN ADVENTURE YAAAR!

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