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Addictive song makes me sad in the pants

I should be getting back to work right now but...I hate that place with a passion. In fact I hate it so much I will write about how crappy it is in the comic. I don't know if it is just me but I get these creative waves where every little thing inspires me to write. The downside to this is the writers block that lasts about a month or two afterwards. Well I'm going to ride this wave and get as much down on paper as I can. A lot of the music I've been listening to lately has inspired me as well. Going to see the wise men on Sandhill later for some much needed intellectual conversations and advice.

Title: You Can't Beat Samantha...or Burt Reynolds

Story: Samantha challenges the gang to stop her from taking first place at the talent show. The guys accept knowing full well that they have a combined talent pool of zero. They get desperate and hire these 3 tiger cubs (don't ask me what Ive been smoking) to beat Samantha and her band. The cats agree (they are paid off with BBQ corn nuts and cat nip) and outplay Samantha but the show was rigged so they lose. The guys realize that Samantha bribed the PTA judges with brains but the cats dont care and maul the guys bad. All the while Number 3 starts to appear within Kevin causing him to hallucinate (his most vivid one involves a certain purple dinosaur with maggots in its mouth inviting Kevin to Hell) and vandalize the town while asleep.

Moral: No clue
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