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Hmmph. I believe that my life is cut into 3 different groups. Romance, work/school, and family/friends. At no point in my time here have all three simultaneously been....good. Everytime one starts to turn sour another one does the happy dance. Fair? No it isn't.

Romance Bleh. For every hour that I'm happy I experience five or six sad/angry ones. Feels like my heads in a vice when I think of our future. I want things to work, but if they don't then hey what can you do? I feel I've done everything I can possibly do right in a relationship. Anymore sacrificing on my half and this will turn into a miserable pointless bond...which I will be swift to break. Hopefully other issues in my life will be solved sometime soon and I will enjoy my time with her more.

Work/School Meh. Work isn't fun, but for 98% of the planet it isn't so I should join the conga line to damnation and taxes with a smile. Pondering taking up a management position at Wally World don't want to, but sometimes you have to bend over and take it all in. As far as school goes.....eff it. I know what I want to do and thats make short films/movies/anything that lets me express my thoughts and nightmares. My best bet right now is working with Nate and Matt since they have been the only people I've ever met that share the same vision and style of humor/bad taste/mojo as me. On a side note this song is just begging me to turn it into a demented music video. I would probably make a video about guy who loses his girl in a crash and starts to see her spirit and eventually goes mad then is sent to a asylum guessed it the nurse taking care of him looks just like his dead girlfriend. Actually that sounds really cliche.

Family/Friends Gah. Family is ok and friends are too. I don't either one as much as I would like to, but there isn't enough hours in the day to do everything I would like to.

My brain just spilled all over the keyboard. So very thirsty
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