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-organized rant

I'm in an odd sort of mood. Kinda hopeful kinda mehh,bleeh,gaah....know what I mean? Anyways Lisa is chuggin along on the comic so I am pleased. Last night I was informed that Rick Moranis had a cartoon in 1990 that is exactly like Hallow High =| At first I went through a range of emotions....first I was angry that my so called original idea was actually a terrible cartoon from a terrible year, then I got depressed that the characters names in Gravedale High (BAARHHHHH!! KILL!!!) we're so damn good for example, Coah that is the shit right there. I reached my final emotion driving home and that was revenge. Once the site is fully up any mention of Gravedale High and/or Mr. Moranis will result in that user being banned from the let it be written so let it be done.

Lots of birthdays and vacations coming up in the near future.

Nate and I have decided to work on another project at the same time as HH. I think the easiest way to work on it is in storyboard form. Off topic....Lisas homework is hella fun in her videography class. Im such a fool for not taking it this semester. =\
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